Clothify was born in 2020 as a clothing rental platform that allowed final users to rent products from different brands in a same marketplace. Two months later, we redefined the business strategy and, thanks to listen our customers we decided to start up a new path. The result was the creation of a technological y operativa B2B de Fashion Renting so that the brands themselves could offer the rental directly from their website.

This change did not allow us growing and consolidating our strategy. Quite the contrary. The change was very significant and positive, in fact, we were already preparing our first investment round. However, the mostly of our buyer person continued to identify us as a clothing rental platform. An issue that leaded us to change our corporative image.

Throughout this year we have increased our community of clients, created an exceptional team, defined and consolidated the business strategy and even been recognized by important investment forums such as Keiretsu Forum. Our fast growth means that more and more people know us and that the consumption of rent products increase from the hand of our clients, the brands.

New generation of consumers

NEWE takes up the main purpose of Clothify: to revolutionize the fashion industry. But it goes one step further. The main challenge we face is to explain very well to all the public what our service consists of and to demonstrate that the benefits it offers are real at all levels: environmental, social and economic.  

The fashion paradigm is changing and this is indicated by reports such as the ThredUp - 2020 Resale Report. The rise of conscious consumers, changes in consumer habits and the new European directives born within the 2030 Agenda force retailers to adapt quickly without losing the focus of their main activity, the sale. Our proposal offers brands the opportunity to adapt without having to dedicate efforts or too many resources, since we cover the entire rental cycle: from the integration of NEWE technology on their website to direct and reverse logistics, laundry service and advice with data.   


Active listening to our clients

Clothify changed, in just two months, its business model thanks to the active listening of its customers.The proactive request of the brands to be the ones who obtained the profitability and control of their clothing, as well as that of their brand, marked a before and after in the history of our company.

Likewise, our strong customer orientation and their important role in the development and decision-making of our activity has made, once again, that their opinion has been decisive in presenting this new brand image..

Loyal to our always values

NEWE's values ​​are made up of human quality, positive impact, continuous improvement, and ethics and honesty. All of them are important and complementary, but we highlight continuous improvement as the driver of the change from Clothify to NEWE. We are proud to announce that thanks to our rapid growth we are already developing a new technology based on data and analytics and built around easy usability. In addition, we have optimized operations and are working to provide an optimal user experience for the end user.

Internationalization and scalability

At NEWE we know that we have a service with great potential from which other sectors and countries can benefit, apart from the fashion industry in Spain . At the moment we are focused on the fashion and accessories sector, of which we are experts and of which we know that there is still a lot of work and ideas to be explored. However, our global and future vision has asked us to look for a brand image that at some point can represent any sector that has products with the potential to be rented..


All these reasons are what have led us to define a brand that represents us. That collects all the growth, effort and potential of Clothify and transmits it through a new young and fresh image, but at the same time strong, solid and with a vision of the future such as NEWE.

Our new, dynamic logo conveys the agility and adaptability that we have to any circumstance. We have reinvented the infinity symbol as if it were an ode to our reason for being, to the origin of everything, but maintaining the essence of what was born as an idea full of illusion. The colors show the freshness of a project based on innovation, operations, profitability and sustainability. And finally, we have created a new name that arises from a new way of thinking and consuming; It represents a new economy, a new era.

Welcome to the new generation of consumption. Welcome to NEWE.
New economy, new era.

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